Bambú Rivera

Street White, Tibás

Bambú Rivera, a project located in Calle Blancos. This exclusive residential condominium, composed by 448 luxury apartments, has been awarded the Prize to the Sustainable Construction of the CCC in 2022, highlighting the category of Project. With a modern design and a refreshing, Bamboo Rivera introduces a new trend in the distribution of spaces, offering a proposal original and innovative for its lucky owners. This complex, characterized by their design, eco-sustainable, contemporary and safe and secure, it creates an atmosphere of complete harmony in the midst of the urban bustle, rising as the best condominium urban area in the north of the capital.

The avant-garde vision of Bamboo Rivera is expressed in every detail, from the main facade, facing south, activating the wealth and health all around the resort, up to the strategic location of the social area and the swimming pool to the north-east, taking advantage of an energy that encourages the charisma, popularity, and coexistence. With a diversity of models of apartments ranging from 1 to 3 rooms, each one of them carefully designed to promote wellness, Bamboo Rivera redefines the concept of the city, offering a project is mixed with creative identity that exceeds expectations and sets a new standard of luxury and comfort.

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